Our Story

At Juso Home and Art, we believe in the power of transformation, both within our spaces and within ourselves. Our journey began with our founder’s story —a path marked by resilience, family support, and the transformative power of creativity.

As an educator, an entrepreneur, and a devoted mother of two, life's trials led her through the shadows of depression during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Witnessing many of her students and friends also grappling with mental health crises, she understood the profound impact of such struggles. It was within these darkest moments that her family became her anchor, guiding her towards the path of healing. In this journey, home emerged as the sanctuary where solace and strength intertwined, sparking a newfound passion within her.

The idea of Juso Home and Art was born from this journey, a testament to her determination and her belief in the therapeutic artistry of homes. With every piece we curate, we aim to infuse comfort, beauty, and a touch of personal narrative into the living spaces.

Yet, our mission goes beyond aesthetics. We aspire to make an impact that resonates with hearts far and wide. Through sharing our narrative and fostering mental health awareness, we stand in solidarity with those who have navigated similar paths. A pledge has been made: 1% of our profits will be dedicated to mental health-focused nonprofits, research initiatives, and scholarship programs. In this, we lend our hand to the very cause that has profoundly touched our existence.

Our hope is to turn each piece of furniture and art into an embodiment of strength, hope, and change. With Juso Home and Art, your space becomes a canvas for inspiration, and every purchase is a brushstroke of support for mental health advocacy.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and we invite you to embrace the essence of Juso Home and Art as it finds its place within the chapters of your life.

With warmth and gratitude,

The Juso Home and Art Team